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Is the problem ... 

 A wall socket has got no power ? 


Unplug any appliance and check that the RCD at the electrical consumer unit hasn't tripped. If it has it may be the appliance that is faulty. Test it by plugging a different appliance into the socket and see if it remains live. If so, this is not a defect, however if the socket is dead in all circumstances, report it as a defect.

 A light has stopped working ? 


Check that it is not the bulb by replacing with a new bulb. Check that the RCD at the electrical consumer unit hasn't tripped. If it's not the bulb or the RCD report it as a defect.

 Your TV receives no signal from the aerial/dish   socket ? 


Check that your TV set is tuned to receive a signal. If you want to receive Sky TV you must first have a subscription to that service. If everything appears to be fine, report it as a defect.

 Your telephone has no dial tone when plugged into 
the master socket ? 


Be sure that you have informed your telephone service provider that you have moved and that your line is connected to your new number. If you are using a re-chargeable phone, make sure that it is charged first and that the base unit is powered up. If everything appears fine, report it as a defect.

 Your shaver socket does not work ? 


Check that the RCD at the electric consumer unit has not tripped and be certain that your shaver is working (if you have more than one shaver socket try it in the other one. Remember, this socket is for electric shaver and toothbrush only - nothing else. If it still won't work, report it as a defect.

 Your kitchen appliance has stopped working ? 


Ensure that the fused switch spur for that appliance is in the ON position and that the RCD at the electric consumer unit has not tripped out.  If all appears fine then report it as a defect.

Useful checklist

If you have just moved in, here are some important reminders:


Don't forget to complete all of the warranty cards for your fitted electrical appliances. Keep a copy and send them off to the manufacturer. Should you ever need to report a fault, you know they will have proof of your cover.


Make a note in your diary to book a service in 12 months time. Failure to maintain annual services could invalidate your warranty cover.


Make sure you (and other responsible members of the household) know where to find the shut-off valves for water supply and (if applicable) gas.


Make a note of your meter readings for your electricity supply, water and gas (if applicable). Keep it somewhere safe.

HOW TO ...

There are various 'maintenance' tasks you will need to perform around your home, from time-to-time. Take a look at our 'How To' videos.

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