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  • Geoff Smith


Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Have you got the 'Managing Your New Home' App yet? It's the easiest way to manage your needs and requests for help and support if you are a new homeowner in the first 2 years following your completion.

If you're lucky, your housebuilder will have arranged for a service that starts with this App. It is your gateway to a host of services, none of which will cost you a penny (that's something in these days of high costs and inflation)!

How to get the App:

Go to either Google Play (Android) or the i-Store (Apple) and type into the search bar 'Managing Your New Home'. Download the app and you're away.

Feel free to access this website and any/all of the guidance and information on it, regardless of any arrangements your housebuilder may/may not have made.

But if you have been given details of the App by whoever constructed your lovely new home, then you will have the ability to register on our Occupant Portal (one of the 6 icons on the front screen of the App). This will give you the convenience and ability to report defects at any time of day or day of week.

Our trained Property Coordinators will take responsibility for anything you report and make sure that it is followed up with, should it be necessary, and appointment for a contractor to attend and correct your issue.

Have a look at all of the other information on the Managing Your New Home website when you have a moment. We publish all sorts of content from Help, to Warranty explanations, to Maintenance and DIY tips, to a comprehensive Warranty Checklist (you'll find that under the menu item MYNH,


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