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  • Geoff Smith


Updated: Sep 7, 2023

NHQB stands for New Homes Quality Board - a relatively new organisation borne out of government legislation a few years back. The purpose is to provide the consumer (new house purchaser) with better powers of redress in the event that they fail to receive a reasonable standard of after care from their housebuilder.

The NHQB has published a code or standard which registered developers must follow, and this is simply called the New Homes Quality Code.

It applies to all aspects of purchasing a new property from initial interest right the way through to ownership - and beyond.

It's early days as the process of signing up developers only began this year (2022), but as of the 1st November there were over 300 either active members or members pending. You can see if your developer is already registered at:

If your housebuilder is a registered member prior to your purchase, you will be provided information by them, but you can find this in any event at:

We hope that you find this short article helpful.


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