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Concerned you may have a problem that needs reporting?


You could go straight to the Occupant Portal and describe your problem, OR save time using this Quick and Easy self-diagnosis tool (report your problem using a simple code, rather than lengthy description).

Before you start we need to ask a couple of really important questions:

1. Is this an Emergency i.e. do you believe you may be at risk if you don't address this issue immediately? Examples of this include non-containable water leak, total loss of heating, backing-up drains. If the answer to this is YES click here NOW.

2. Have you got a gas supply to your property and if so, do you think you can smell gas call the National Gas Emergency line click here NOW.

Otherwise, go straight to the self-diagnosis below (it will take seconds to arrive at a course of action). 

OK - Let's start ...

Do you live in ...


or ...


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