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The Occupant Portal has been designed for speed and ease of reporting a build defect. This is the Managing Your New Homes portal, however there are numerous other developers who operate their own (click for details).

This is a secure platform available through any web browser across a range of devices … smart phone (Android and i-OS), tablet, laptop and desktop PC on any day at any time, to suit yourself. Access via the Occupant Portal means you can report a new defect and we will see the details just as soon as you have submitted your report.

Please ensure you provide sufficient detail describing the problem. If you have photographs or even video, these can be attached to your submission. Not only can you report a new defect but, you can also track an existing defect to see how the issue has progressed, review notes on any open case and confirm the appointment date once agreed.

After the information has been received, you will probably be contacted by a Property Coordinator  to discuss your problem.

Your developer (or nominated after care agent) will liaise with the relevant contractor and instruct them to carry out works, but all the arrangements will be made on your behalf, so you only need a single point of contact.

Most jobs are resolved within a 30 day window (subject to the reasonable cooperation of the occupant and the contractor and, if applicable the ordering of parts).


For defects where a warranty applies (most plumbing and electrical, fitted kitchens, contract flooring, windows and doors) the after care team is contractually obliged to report this to the original contractor.


There really is no better way to report a defect than by using the Occupant Portal. It’s secure, fast and utterly convenient.

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