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Is the problem ...

 The tap is constantly dripping ? 


This is often a result of wear and tear to the O-ring, washer or ceramic cartridge - all of which can deteriorate over time through normal use, overtightening, high water temperatures. If your tap starts to drip in the first 18 months, report it as a defect, otherwise you should manage this as a part of householder maintenance.

 The plug will not stop the water from escaping ? 


Is there anything obstructing the plug from making a tight seal? If not, report it as a defect.

 The silicone seal around the sink has gaps ? 

In the first 12 months report this as a defect. Otherwise you can replace the silicone seal under householder maintenance.

 Waste water is not draining from the sink ? 


This will be because there is a blockage somewhere in the waste pipe. Try using a 'plunger' - this usually works, otherwise a shop bought 'drain un-blocker' fluid.

 There is a leak from underneath the sink ? 


Is the leak coming from the immediate underside of the sink where the plug connects through to the waste pipe? If so, try tightening the connector by hand - this usually works. If the leak is coming from some other section of waste pipe (white or grey plastic) then identify the joint and try tightening by hand. If the leak appears to be coming from a water feed to the taps, report it as a defect.

Useful checklist

If you have just moved in, here are some important reminders:


Don't forget to complete all of the warranty cards for your fitted electrical appliances. Keep a copy and send them off to the manufacturer. Should you ever need to report a fault, you know they will have proof of your cover.


Make a note in your diary to book a service in 12 months time. Failure to maintain annual services could invalidate your warranty cover.


Make sure you (and other responsible members of the household) know where to find the shut-off valves for water supply and (if applicable) gas.


Make a note of your meter readings for your electricity supply, water and gas (if applicable). Keep it somewhere safe.

HOW TO ...

There are various 'maintenance' tasks you will need to perform around your home, from time-to-time. Take a look at our 'How To' videos.

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