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Handing Over Keys
Collègues dépassant les plans

This is what
your housebuilder
should do for you

The care and support of new home purchasers is something that we take seriously. MYNH explains the standard and service you can reasonably expect from ANY new housebuilder.


From the point that you have reserved a property, the housebuilder should take every opportunity to check that the plot is thoroughly inspected and that any ‘snagging’ items* are remedied before you legally complete. It is recognised that sometimes a few minor decorative/cosmetic issues may still be outstanding at the point of handover, but the housebuilder should list these for you and provide a date by when they will be resolved (in any event this should not take longer than 30 days from legal completion).


Prior to, or very shortly after legal completion, your housebuilder should make an appointment with you to conduct a Home Demonstration – we strongly recommend that you attend this as it is a very valuable exercise. The objective is to demonstrate appliances and heating and hot water systems (this can help avoid problems later, in terms of programming heat etc.).


Your housebuilder is required to provide an aftercare service.  This is for 2 years from the date of legal completion and must include out of hours emergency cover. They must explain the process you need to follow to report a defect**. Typically, this will mean using a web ‘portal’ where you can describe your problem in words and attach photographs to support your claim.


The issues covered exclude user damage, vandalism, electrical appliances (refer to the manufacturer’s own warranty), general wear and tear, maintenance, pests, birds, weather damage (roof tiles etc.) garden fence, garden shed or bicycle store. The issues included would be leaking pipework, loss of heat or hot water (excluding having to bleed radiators or re-pressurise boiler), leaking shower, cracked tiles, excessive wall/ceiling screw-pops, door easement. These are not exhaustive lists. See the Warranty Checklist on this website.

*Snag is something that is unfinished, missing, damaged or incomplete at the point of legal completion.

**Defect is something that was correct at the point of legal completion, but subsequently became defective during the first 2 years.

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