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To help you obtain maximum enjoyment from your new property, here are a few useful guidelines.


Most developer’s have a well prepared process to ensure any issues requiring attention (e.g. small areas of paintwork that may have been missed, damaged tiles etc.) are noted during a walk-round the property with you, prior to legal completion. Make sure that you document any such points with the developer’s representative as certain problems such as scratched glass, damaged tiles and sanitary ware cannot always be rectified later. These issues are referred to as SNAGS.


Check to ensure you have been provided operating instructions and user manuals for all your appliances, heating, hot water and security systems.


Every property is unique and handcrafted. There will always be some small variation in the finished appearance of the construction of your home.

As long as these conform to the warranty build standards this will be considered to be acceptable.


During the drying out process different materials will shrink at different rates and this can result in minor cracks which are perfectly normal. After Build is not required to rectify these unless they are excessive (if you can fit a pound coin in the crack this would be considered excessive as it is greater than 2mm, up to which this will be covered by home owner maintenance). Shrinkage at the stair string is excessive over 4mm.


1. Do not turn the heating up high – maintain a steady even temperature.
2. Open windows when you’re in the property and leave ‘trickle vents’ open when you’re not to assist with the even circulation of air.
3. Leave fitted wardrobe doors ajar to avoid the build up of moisture as this can cause mold.
4. Use your ventilation system in bathrooms and the kitchen area.

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