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House Viewing


Your home is a unique product, hand built from a wide variety of traditional and modern materials. It is possible that following occupation you may encounter minor problems as the building dries out and settles down.

Before you take ownership of your new home, your developer should arrange for you to walk around the property and identify any last minute snags which will require rectification. At that stage, anything you agree needs attention, shall be the developer’s responsibility to complete.


Before you report a defect please refer to our ‘warranty checklist’ which explains what is covered.

Your new home has the benefit of a 10 year warranty which has been arranged by your developer with a UK industry recognised warranty provider. The warranty policy belongs to you, and your solicitor or conveyancer should hand the policy to you when you complete. It is advisable that you spend a little time reading this as there is a lot of useful information that will help you obtain the maximum enjoyment from your new home.

During the first 2 years of this warranty the developer remains responsible to manage any defects that may occur. This is known as the ‘Builder’s Rectification Period’ (previously the ‘Builder’s Liability Period’).


A ‘defect’ is a breach of any mandatory warranty requirement by the developer. Those items generally not included would be:

  • Fence

  • Temporary structure (garden or bicycle shed)

  • Swimming pool

  • Lift

  • Electrical or electronic items (whether built in or not) excluding fixed wiring, lighting system,
    heating system, air conditioning, smoke alarms, waste disposal units or water softening equipment installed at the date of the insurance certificate.


Your developer is not responsible for the general maintenance of your property – as the home owner you are.

Except in emergencies, you will need to report your defect by either following your developer’s instructions or, by using the Occupant Portal, if this is something your developer has arranged for you. Using the Occupant Portal is fast and convenient.

It is important you check for damaged items within the property and follow the developer’s specific policy for reporting these (typically on legal completion). Usually you will be required to sign a handover form confirming that you are satisfied with the condition of the building and its contents. In particular (but not exclusively) items such as:

  • Wall and base cabinets

  • Sanitary ware

  • Glass and tiles

  • Fitted appliances

  • Sinks and worktops

Damage to properties caused by storms or extreme weather conditions is not covered by your warranty and shall remain the home owner’s responsibility. This includes (but is not limited to) such items as roofs, tiles and fences. In the  event of such an occurrence you should contact your insurance provider. If you live in an apartment we suggest you contact the managing agent.

Damage caused by accidental or improper use will not be covered by the warranty. This will remain the homeowner’s responsibility.

1. Scratches and marks to glazing and walls are determined in natural light (only) at a distance of 2 metres (or 3 metres for toughened glass).
2. If it’s necessary to carry out work in your home please ensure the area concerned is cleared of furniture and personal belongings before the designated operative arrives as they will not have time to do this for you.
3. On occasions it may be necessary for the operative to attend more than once (e.g. certain decorating works require a period for paint to dry before applying a second coat).
4. If you forget an appointment this may substantially delay making another one.

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